Hubungan Stresor Dengan Stres dan Prestasi Belajar Mahasiswa. Studi Cross Sectional di STIKES Yarsi Sumbar Bukittinggi

Kriscillia Molly Morita


Physical environmental Stresor, psychological environmental stresor and burden learn are represent the source stres so the student can reside at stress condition. Stres realized by student would influencing to learn process so it will affect to learn achievement.This study was aimed to explain the relation of stressor student by stress and learn achievement in Stikes Yarsi Sumbar Bukittinggi.Design used in this study was cross sectional design. The population was all students on thirth semester in Stikes Yarsi Sumbar Bukittinggi. Sampel consisted of 75 respondent, taken according to inclusion criteria. The independent variable was student stressor and dependent variables were student stress and learn achievement. Sampel were taken using by purposive sampling. Data gathered were Analysed by Spearman Rho Tes with significant level p < 0,05.Result showed that relation of student stressor with stress was ( p = 0,000 ) and relation of student stressor with learn achievement ( p = 0,000). This result was indication that there were relation between student stressor with stress and stressor student with learn achievement.It can be concluded that student stressor has correlation with student stress and learn achievement. If student stressor accepted increasing so student stress will increase, and progressively lower the stressor accepted it will increase learn achievemnt. Several things can be done are make-up of medium learn, creating kondusif environment and hostels learn items management

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