Hubungan Perilaku Ibu Tentang Pijat Bayi Terhadap Durasi Tidur Bayi Usia 3-12 Bulan Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas X Koto

Liza Merianti


Sleep is a requirement that must be met, especially in the development phase and the phase of growth as occurred during the baby to sleep. Baby massage on a regular basis can improve infant sleep duration. Behavior towards infant massage is a person's response to the baby to stimulate the development and growth of the baby. Behavior includes the knowledge, attitudes and actions towards infant massage. Pelitian aims to examine the relationship of maternal behavior on infant massage on the duration of sleep of infants aged 3-12 months. Design research using cross sectional approach. Data were collected by interview, questionnaire, and observation. The sample consisted of 16 subjects with a total sampling taken in accordance with the inclusion criteria. This study used a chi-square statistical test. The results showed that there was a significant association between maternal behavior on infant massage with baby sleep duration, where the p-value of 0.007 obtained knowledge (p <0.05), Attitude 0.004 (p <0.05), Measures 0.013 (p <0 , 05)

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