Hubungan Kadar Hemoglobin Siswa Dan Motivasi Belajar Dengan Prestasi Belajar Siswa Kelas VIII di SMPN 2 Kubung Kabupaten Solok

Arief Bahasa Yohanes Putra, Endang Sutama


One function of hemoglobin in the blood is to maintain the health condition. Normal hemoglobin levels that would allow a person tend to have the resilience to concentrate on something, including concentrate on studying. So is the motivation, strength of one's motivation to learn influences the success of learning as reflected in academic achievement. There are students who have low learning achievement and there is also a high learning achievement. This research aims to determine the correlation of hemoglobin levels and learning motivation of students with students achievement at SMPN 2 Kubung Solok District in Year 2012. The research was conducted in May 2012 using Analytic Observational method with cross sectional approach. The population in this research is a 8th grade student as much as 59 students. Statistical analysis using chi square test. The results obtained are as many as 31 (52.5%) had hemoglobin levels that are not nomal, 34 (57.6%) with a low learning motivation, 43 (72.9%) students with an incomplete achievement. There was a significant association between hemoglobin levels with student achievement of students (p = 0.004) and odds ratio (OR) = 8.089, no significant correlation between motivation to learn with student achievement (P = 0.005) and odds ratio (OR) = 6.923 8th grade student at SMPN 2 Kubung Solok District in Year 2012. Recommended to the school and parents should be to disseminate the importance of health, especially to keep hemoglobin levels remained normal through the programs and the School Health Unit of the Red Cross Youth in school. And able to provide the motivations that can enhance students' learning desires

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