Pengaruh Pemberian Jus Mentimun Terhadap Penurunan Tekanan Darah Pada Penderita Hipertensi Di Jorong Balerong Bunta Kecamatan Sungai Tarab Tahun 2013

Yossi Fitrina


Hypertension is a degenerative disease that became a major problem in society. Hypertension is closely linked to various risks of complications. To prevent the occurrence of complication of heart disease of stroke, so the treatment for hypertension can be done in pharmacological and non pharmacological. Pharmacologic treatment usually begins with small doses of selected anti-hypertensive medication, and the dose is gradually increased, depending on the age, needs and treatment outcomes on of non pharmacological treatmenis be eating a cucumber . This research aims to determemine the effect of giving the cucumber juice for decresing blood pressure of patiens with hypertension. The type of this research is pre-experimental design with one group pretes and posttest design. The study population was people with hypertension at Balerong Bunta village Sungai Tarab sub-descrict Tanah Datar regency as many as 17 people. Samples were taken as many as 17 people, with Total sampling method. The data was collegted directly from respondnts by interview, observation sheets, and blood presure measurements. Univariete analysis perfomed before cucumber juice given more than a half respondent (52,94%) are hypertension stage II. After the cucumber juice was given less of a half respondent are hypertension stage I. Bivariate analysis were performed with the statistical test dependent samples Wilcoxon - test . The result univariate analysis is that the average systolic blood pressure before giving the cucumber juice is 158,82 and diastolic blood pressure is 99,41. Average systolic blood pressure after the cucumber juice was given is 145,29 and diastolic blood pressure is 88.82. Bivariant analysis results obtained that there is a decrease in blood pressure among hypertensive patients before and after the cucumber juice was given, with a value of p value = 0,000 . Accordane with the result of the study suggested to the community healht center in order to develop programs related to prevention of hypertension, such as providing counselling on non-pharmacologial aproach for treating hypertension through a cucumber theraphy

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