Hubungan Kinerja Perawat Dalam Pendokumentasian Askep dengan Kepuasan Pasien Terhadap Pelayanan yang Diberikan di Ruang Rawat Inap RSUD Kota Solok tahun 2013

Marlina Andriani, Rahma Fitri


Quality of nursing care a hospital patient satisfaction assessed from being or have been treated which is an expression of relief or happy because of the hope of something the patient needs are met by the nursing service means that when described satisfaction with convenience , speed of service , friendliness and attention . The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of the performance of nurses in documenting askep with patient satisfaction with care in a Hospital Inpatient Solok . Research design used a descriptive correlation with cross - sectional . The research instrument consisted of a questionnaire sheet . Population of this study is that patients treated in inpatient rooms with a sample of 100 respondents drawn at random . Univariate analyzes were performed using statistical analysis and frequency distribution deskripsif while bivariate analysis was conducted to determine the relationship between the two variables studied. Results of univariate analysis showed the majority ( 54.0 % ) of respondents have less nurses performance , ( 57.0 % ) are not satisfied with the performance of nurses . Results of bivariate analysis using chi - square significant association between performance in documenting askep nurse with patient satisfaction with inpatient care in hospitals Solok with p = 0.020 ( p < 0,05 ) . It can be concluded that the partially of the respondents ( 54.0 % ) stated that the performance of nurses less , ( 57.0 % ) are not satisfied with the performance of nurses , there is a significant relationship between the performance of nurses in documenting askep with pasen satisfaction with services at City Hospital Inpatient Room Solok . And is expected to the hospital in order to monitor the performance of nurses in nursing care to patients in the inpatient areas and in order to conduct such training programs in order to improve the performance of knowledge and nurses in the implementation of nursing care to patients

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